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Cassandra Chapman at university

Dr Cassandra Chapman

Cassandra is principal researcher and the driving force behind the Donor Psychology website. Combining academic training with professional fundraising experience, Cassandra aims to create actionable insight for the nonprofit sector.

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About Cass

Cassandra holds a PhD in the psychology of charitable giving and is an Associate Professor of Marketing at The University of Queensland (Australia), where she specializes in donor psychology and fundraising.

Cassandra’s research focuses on the psychology of giving, effective and ethical fundraising, and public responses to charity scandals. She uses diverse methods to understand when and why donors are more (or less) willing to give to particular causes and the implications for how charities communicate. Insights from her research can help charities and nonprofits to raise money more effectively and develop evidence-based best practice in how to communicate about their important work.

Before becoming an academic, Cassandra worked as a nonprofit marketer and professional fundraiser. She draws on those experiences to inform her research and is passionate about helping charities and nonprofits to fundraise effectively. Cassandra is always open to discussing ideas for new research partnerships with nonprofits or supervision of new PhD students.


Cassandra is open to discussing research collaboration, speaker engagements, or consultancy. Drop her an email to start the conversation.

07 3346 8164

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