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Claire van Teunenbroek

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Marketing

PhD in Social Sciences, Department of Organizational Sciences and Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

University of Twente (the Netherlands)

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About Claire 

Claire van Teunenbroek is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the University of Twente, researching online donor behaviour to understand how reliable crowdfunding is in supporting product development and services. Crowdfunding is an online fundraising strategy that combines network-based, project-based and reward-based fundraising. Her research interests predominantly revolve around informal quality signals and complementing expert decisions in impacting online donor behaviour. To what extent can projects be used as quality signals via crowdfunding activity? To what extent do experts demonstrate a strong congruence with crowdfunding projects?


She has a multidisciplinary background which she uses to combine insights from marketing, social psychology and behavioural economics. Her earlier work won an international award for the most outstanding dissertation in non-profit and voluntary action research. Her current research line focuses on testing a theoretical model predicting and explaining online prosocial behaviour via experiments and survey research. For this, she collaborates with companies, institutions and charities.


She is also the project manager at the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP), focussing on the connection between research and practice. Moreover, she is an associate editor at the Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing (JPM), which combines theoretical contribution and societal relevance.


Claire is available for discussions and webinars to share and reflect on her findings. Interested parties are invited to initiate a conversation by email. 

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