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Aakash Portrait photo at university

Aakash Kurian Thottam

PhD Candidate

BD (Fashion Communication); MB (Marketing, Advertising)

University of Queensland Business School

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About Aakash

Aakash K. Thottam is a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland Business School researching donor behavior with an emphasis on understanding donors’ motivations. His research interests predominantly revolve around delving into the intricacies of donors' motivation for charity selection and engagement with contemporary technologies for fundraising, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency. In addition to his research pursuits, he boasts a strong background in marketing, having completed his Master's degree in Business (Marketing, Advertising). His academic background in marketing has equipped him with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market research, and brand management, which have been invaluable in his research on donor behavior. Aakash's interdisciplinary approach to research, combining his expertise in marketing with his passion for philanthropy, has enabled him to develop unique insights into the motivations behind donor behavior and the factors that influence their decision-making. His scholarly pursuits and keen focus on exploring new horizons of knowledge promise to contribute significantly to the field of donor behavior research.

Aakash is readily available to engage in discussions pertaining to research collaboration, speaker engagements, or topics related to cryptogiving. Interested parties are invited to initiate a conversation by email.

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