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Latest Projects

Here’s a snapshot of the cool new research that the Donor Psychology researchers are working on right now. To learn more or find out about collaboration opportunities, please contact the lead researcher.

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Fundraising Ethics

Exploring the ethics of effective fundraising, with a particular focus on the use of images within fundraising campaigns and interpersonal fundraising approaches. How do fundraisers navigate the ethics of their profession? Which kinds of images can communicate need in ways that are respectful of beneficiary groups? How to the people respond to pressure in fundraising?

Lead researcher: Dr Cassandra Chapman



Donor Motivation

Understanding why people give to charity (and why they don’t). This project explores the complex constellations of motivations underlying charitable responses, including how people choose which charities to support in a competitive fundraising landscape and how social dynamics affect giving responses.

Lead researchers: Dr Cassandra Chapman and Mr Aakash Thottam


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Private Philanthropic Foundations

What is known about the process and functions of Private Philanthropic Foundations? This project seeks to document the way private foundations operate, critically evaluate their practices, strengths, and limitation, and test empirically the assumptions underlying their theories of change and decision-making structures.

Lead researcher: Ms Sarah Rank



Social Impact Assessment

How do nonprofits know that their work actually makes a difference? This project considers the ways that nonprofits can monitor and assess the social impact of their work and compares the overall effectiveness of different approaches to social change.

Lead researcher: Ms Rose Ahearn

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