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  • Writer's pictureDr Cassandra Chapman

From the Charitable Triad to the Champion Effect

As part of Catalyst Management’s Philanthrocrat webinar series, Dr Cassandra Chapman will take you on a whirlwind (20-minute) tour of the psychology of giving, including:

  • Charitable Triad Theory: How donors, beneficiaries, and fundraisers all influence donations

  • Donor motivations: Which motivations are most important for giving (to different causes)

  • Identity and giving: How identities and social norms influence people’s charity preferences

  • Localised prosociality: How donors collate their charity portfolios around geographic concerns

  • Rage donations: Giving as a form of collective action

  • The Champion Effect: How fundraisers drive success in peer-to-peer campaigns [28 minutes plus general Q&A]


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